Sticky Standards


Dayna Richardson is an amazing leader who focuses on professional learning in the state of Kansas, particularly as it is applied through the national standards for professional learning. Her Sticky Standards podcast website is the perfect venue for sharing those standards and how they impact professional learning. These fascinating and educational podcasts appear on both the Sticky Standards website and on iTunes, making it easy to learn through listening. [Read more…]

Big Bertha’s Discount Fireworks


Big Bertha’s Discount Fireworks is family owned and operated, providing quality fireworks at deep discount prices. Before the owners contacted me to help with their website, they had been working with two different website developers, both of whom had been negligent and had created some serious problems, including a hacked site and lost data. I was determined to help these people with a website that would be secure and dependable, as well as attractive and interactive.

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Cox Airparts


Rick Cox has been in the overhaul and repair business, working with aircraft hydraulics systems & much more, since he finished his military time in the 82nd Airborne in 1988. He owns a family-operated FAA repair station with an inventory of component parts ready for immediate shipment. Because he serves clients from around the world, his website needs to be up-to-date and present product images, information, and related documents. [Read more…]

Therapy with Julie


Julie L. Miller is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who received her Master of Science in Family Therapy degree from Friends University. When we talked about what she would like to see on her website, she indicated that she wanted it to present not only her services as a professional therapist, but also a way for current and potential clients to contact her easily. Through her listings on several psychology websites, she is able to direct people to this website that includes a popup window for contacting Julie or seeking more information.

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Dayna Richardson

Rosemary is a go-getter. In fact, she thrives on a challenge. She pushes away barriers and looks for new possibilities, a true problem solver. Her “can-do” attitude is exemplified by her extra effort, great service, and focus on details. I’ve worked with Rosemary on three websites. During each process she listened to my dreams, asked many questions, and responded to my “special” requests. There were times when I thought she was reading my mind as she created exactly what I wanted!  Magic!

Dayna Richardson is the Executive Director of Learning Forward Kansas and Chair of Kansas Learning First Alliance.

Michael Tarm

I remember Rosemary Miller as one of the stand-out teachers of my life — an engaging personality whose knowledge and love of her subject is infectious. She is an inspiration.

Michael Tarm is a Legal & Federal Affairs Writer for The Associated Press, Chicago.

Nancy Johnson

I have always looked forward to workshops and other learning opportunities with Rosemary. She is always so much fun, mixing humor and learning, which is very powerful.

Nancy Johnson is a former 6th grade Communication Arts and Social Studies teacher at Prairie Hills Middle School.

Nancy Bolz

Rosemary has done a fabulous job with our website. She also has provided great followup, including teaching us how to make updates. Thanks for all your fabulous work, Rosemary. It’s a BEAUTIFUL THING!

Nancy Bolz is the Director of AdvancED Kansas and Former Chair of Kansas Learning First Alliance.

Letty Watt

Rosemary has helped me through several computer crises, or near meltdowns on my part, when my computer and I just can’t seem to connect. The one-on-one communication with Rosemary has been a tremendous help to me, especially knowing there is someone I can call when I need help, whether it’s with my blog, Gmail, or a Windows problem. Rosemary will listen and show me the steps I need or show me other options. I can highly recommend working with Rosemary to learn more about technology.

Letty Watt is a blogger and storyteller, a retired teacher and librarian, and a golf gypsy in Norman, Oklahoma. Follow her blog here.