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Heather Sazama

Rosemary is able to pack tons of learning into a short amount of time, and the best part is that it is perfectly individualized. She knows her stuff and is just plain FUN to work with!

Dayna Richardson

I’ve worked with Rosemary on three websites. She listens to my dreams and asks many questions. At times I think she is reading my mind as she creates exactly what I want!  Magic!

Jill Lachenmayr

The Learning Forward Kansas website is AMAZING! I love how crisp and clean it is...very professional and classy. Rosemary did a fantastic job with it! She obviously put a lot of loving energy into the site.

Michael Tarm

I remember Rosemary Miller as one of the stand-out teachers of my life -- an engaging personality whose knowledge and love of her subject is infectious. She is an inspiration.

Marilyn Bolton

Rosemary Miller is stellar as a tech instructor! Endlessly patient, she works tirelessly with her client until the job is finished, in your home, in hers, or at an alternate location.

Robin Blasi

Rosemary's one-on-one technology tutoring helped me to master the skills I needed to take my Interactive Media course page in Moodle to the next level. Thanks, Rosemary!

Bev Lund

You will not find a better technology 'guru' than Rosemary Miller. Her knowledge and skill base with all types of applications is amazing. I highly recommend her for tech learning.

Nancy Bolz

Rosemary has done a fabulous job with our website and has taught us how to make updates. Thanks for all your fabulous work, Rosemary. It’s a BEAUTIFUL THING!

Andrea Siefkes

I love working with Rosemary! Her expertise and knowledge of current tech trends make her a wonderful resource, her enthusiasm is contagious, and she inspires confidence.

Letty Watt

The one-on-one communication with Rosemary is so helpful, especially knowing there is someone I can call when I need help with my blog, G-mail, or Windows.

Tom Krebs

Not only did Rosemary do a great job in revamping our organization's website, she charged a very reasonable fee. She also provided training in how to revise the website as necessary.

Jane Hull

Rosemary always treated me with such kindness and respect even when I had no confidence in myself - she built it up! I am so grateful for not only her expert help, but also her cheerfulness and understanding.

Gwen Bartlett

Rosemary is the go-to person whenever you have a computer or website question. She knows it all!

Carolyn Corwin

Rosemary's endless assistance, instruction, research, and patience has enhanced my learning. In addition, I greatly appreciate her expertise, organization, and teaching style.

Cindy McGilvrey, PHD

Rosemary Miller possesses the creativity of a starry-eyed English major and the razor sharp efficiency of a technology nerd. She creates beautiful, powerful, and impactful websites that showcase her clients' talents. She also responds quickly to text messages, emails, and phone messages. Of course, I know that I am not Rosemary's only client. But, her superb listening skills, her helpful suggestions, and her empathy make it seem as if I am not only her sole client but also her favorite client. "She wants me to succeed beyond my wildest dreams," I thought after our first planning meeting, and I remain convinced that Rosemary creates the best platforms (websites?) backed by sound knowledge, wrapped in enthusiasm, and delivered with stunning professionalism.

Jane Holzrichter

Rosemary created Horizons Child Advocacy Center's website for us to reach a wide audience. I appreciated her efficiency, patience, timeliness, and most of all, taking time to listen and learn about prevention and intervention of child abuse and neglect to understand what we needed.  Because of that extra time spent, Rosemary knew how to find the creativeness with the words, and still maintain the integrity of the subject

Jim Potter

Fortunately for me I called Rosemary Miller, “The Tech Chick,” when I wanted to create a professional and secure website. She has been a joy to work with through its development, launch, and tweaking. I'm so impressed with what she's done to bring this website to life!  In addition, the design and functionality of the site is an amazing accomplishment. Rosemary’s experience, creativity, drive to excel, and good humor makes her my number one choice in website design. If you want the best, most conscientious, professional person designing your website without breaking the bank, then contact Rosemary.

Ginger Zyskowski

What an amazing lady! Rosemary helped me start from scratch to update and create a new, more up-to-date website. It features all aspects of what I do, and her ideas for color and design were awesome. She continues to help keep my site current and updates information in a timely manner. If you need any tech stuff fixed up, Call Rosemary - the Tech Chick! She will get it done!

Terri Thach

Our goal of getting a great website up and running for Soroptimist International of Hutchinson went unfulfilled from year to year. As a non-profit organization, we had difficulty in finding someone we could afford to update and manage our website. Then along came Rosemary! We now have a great site, plus a Facebook page, telling people about our activities and fund-raising events. We strongly feel this has helped increase awareness about the work done by Soroptimist International of Hutchinson in our community. We also feel attendance at our events has increased because of this. She is full of perfect ideas to get our message across. The other added bonus is that she doesn’t mind helping us with our many questions regarding technology!

Jill Wiens

Rosemary developed a very professional-looking website for our business. Her hard work and persistence enabled us to launch the website in a timely manner. The attention to detail Rosemary exhibited was incredible. She was very knowledgeable about web design and seemed to enjoy a challenge and learning new things. Rosemary wasn't satisfied until I was satisfied! I am very pleased with the final result and would recommend Rosemary to anyone who needs a website.

Jade Piros de Carvalho

Rosemary Miller delivered a great-looking website in record time for a political campaign I worked on. The design and layout far exceeded my expectations! I've worked with several website designers over the course of my career and even ran a website company for four years. Rosemary is by far the most responsive, detail oriented, and reasonably priced website provider I've used.

Marian Cordill

I have worked with Rosemary many times learning about new and different technologies. She has given me the confidence to use these new skills and then followup assistance when needed.

Nancy Johnson

I have always looked forward to workshops and other learning opportunities with Rosemary. As a teacher she is so much fun, mixing humor and learning, which is very powerful.

Letty Watt

The one-on-one communication with Rosemary is so helpful, especially knowing there is someone I can call when I need help with my blog, G-mail, or Windows.

Becky Kisner

It has been my privilege to work with Rosemary Miller. Her aptitude for anything technological is incredible. In addition, she has the ability to help anyone understand it. What a dynamite combination!

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