Turf Solutions


Headquartered on a farm halfway between Inman and McPherson, Turf Solutions is a thriving athletic field management business that serves clients all over the state of Kansas. Brett and Jill Wiens own and operate their business together, blending his turf and business acumen with her advertising and design talents to achieve success in the field of turf management. As their website explains, “Turf Solutions teams with clients to achieve a viable, economical, and long-term solution to any turf need. We are available for construction as well as ongoing maintenance to continued quality and performance because we understand that good turf is a year-round commitment.  We are your athletic field specialists.” Originally, the Turf Solutions website was very interactive but flash-based. With the advent of mobile devices, however, flash no longer worked for many of their clients who use phones and tablets for much of their online work. Together, we maintained the lovely design of the original website while using modern approaches and Flash alternatives to move their business and its web pages well into the future. Both clients and employees use their site — some on a daily basis — for information related to products they own or service. Check out this very special business AND their very special website! http://playongrass.com