Remarkable Retailer


Mention the name “Vicki Adrian” in south-central Kansas, and just about everyone will smile and nod. That’s because she is the very successful owner of Adrian’s Boutique, a delightful little shop in the small town of Buhler, Kansas. Women (and sometimes their significant others!) travel from far and wide to shop here, with so many fun product options that one could spend hours just browsing! Vicki is one of those amazing women who accomplishes more in one day than others might in a week. Yet she always seeks a new challenge, and this Remarkable Retailer website is her latest venture. Through blog posts, podcast, videos, and e-books, Vicki shares her insights and knowledge with other people as they follow her on the path to becoming “Remarkable Retailers.” For this website project I serve more as a website coach than webmaster, as Vicki jumps right in and learns as much as she can about the tasks involved in day-to-day management and content creation for her blog. She comes up with great ideas, and then we implement them together.  It’s great fun and a wonderful learning experience for both of us when we get together!