Letty Watt

Rosemary has helped me through several computer crises, or near meltdowns on my part, when my computer and I just can’t seem to connect. The one-on-one communication with Rosemary has been a tremendous help to me, especially knowing there is someone I can call when I need help, whether it’s with my blog, Gmail, or a Windows problem. Rosemary will listen and show me the steps I need or show me other options. I can highly recommend working with Rosemary to learn more about technology.

Letty Watt is a blogger and storyteller, a retired teacher and librarian, and a golf gypsy in Norman, Oklahoma. Follow her blog here.


Putting the Pieces Together, Together…For Both Mac and Windows Users

Rosemary offers several technology-related services:

  • website development and maintenance
  • videos
  • newsletters
  • flyers
  • technology coaching, and
  • “house calls” for people who want to learn more about technology on their own computers or devices, in their own homes. If preferred, she can meet in her home or at an alternate location with wireless, such as the Metro Coffeehouse in Hutchinson, a favorite learning location and planning location for her clients.

The overall goal is to “put the pieces together” for both Mac and Windows users in fun, productive planning and learning sessions. She can create tutorial handouts with screenshots, video demos, and other online and offline resources that clients might need to support their websites or their new tech skills. 

“Support” is the key word with Rosemary. She never leaves a client floundering and responds as quickly as possible to any requests for assistance.

In addition to her major services, Rosemary has created videos, newsletters, posters, and flyers for different individuals or organizations. One example is available online here:

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