Jane Hull

When I entered the Buhler School District, before the year began, Rosemary “showed me the ropes” – clearly guiding me through the many ins and outs of tech programs the district was using. As a teacher, she stopped by frequently to check on my needs and to encourage me to try new technology, listening to what was happening in my classroom as well as understanding my teaching styles. Rosemary introduced me to a number of new uses of technology in teaching, continually checking and helping and troubleshooting for me, plus helping set up things I didn’t even know I needed (but I did). She always treated me with such kindness and respect even when I had no confidence in myself – she built it up! I am so grateful for 3 years of not only her expert help, but her cheerfulness, understanding and friendship! She’s the best!!!!

Jane Hull is a retired FACS teacher who has served in that capacity in several schools, including Prairie Hills Middle School and Buhler High School.