Carolyn Corwin

Any time I have worked with Rosemary, I definitely have “gained” way more than I “gave up”.  She has been a tremendous asset to me personally and professionally. Her endless assistance, instruction, research, and patience has enhanced my learning.  In addition, I greatly appreciate her expertise, organization, and teaching style. With heartfelt appreciation, I thank her for sharing her knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm with me.

Carolyn Corwin is a retired FACS instructor who spent many years impacting student lives at Buhler High School.

Becky Kisner

Rosemary Miller is one of the brightest individuals with whom I have ever had the privilege of working. Her aptitude for anything technological is incredible. She is brilliant! In addition, she has the ability to help anyone understand it. What a dynamite combination!

Becky Kisner is a former Computer Applications teacher at Prairie Hills Middle School who also serves her community in volunteer positions, most recently as at Hospice and Homecare of Reno County, based in Hutchinson, KS.