Probst for Progress


Jason Probst is the State Representative for Kansas District 102 in Hutchinson and proudly speaks for the people who reside there. Most recently, he has worked at The Hutchinson News, covering a span of nearly 15 years, beginning as a production employee on the night shift and eventually becoming a reporter, and later newsroom editor and primary opinion writer. During his time at The News, he steadfastly advocated for the wellbeing of working families who too often struggle to make ends meet. He will continue to stand up for this cause as a legislator in Topeka.

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Sugartime Confections


Mrs. P aka Malynda Jarrett owns a delightfully sweet business in downtown Hutchinson, Kansas where she offers a variety of sweet treats including cupcakes and baked cookies with “Flavor of the Month” treats added. She also decorates a limited number of cookies each week with a different design and/or theme, sold individually. In addition, fun classes and parties include a Spa Night on a Friday evening, a Cookie Decorating Workshop on a Saturday afternoon, or private parties to celebrate birthdays, showers, bachelorette, holiday, and/or corporate events.

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Jim Potter, Author


After spending over 30 years as a deputy sheriff and school resource officer, Jim Potter is enjoying his new life in retirement by expanding his writing career. His first book, Cop in the Classroom: Lessons I’ve Learned, Tales I’ve Told, has an abundance of police stories from his career in law enforcement and education. He’s also an award-winning writer for his play, Under the Radar: Race at School. However, once he completed his first novel, Taking Back the Bullet, he knew that he needed a promotional venue for not only the new novel, but all of his books, past and future, as well as a blog for sharing his insights about writing and life in general. [Read more…]