Ginger Zyskowski

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Ginger Zyskowski is the retired owner of the Professional Drum School who maintains a full percussion performance schedule. She also is an accomplished composer, an entertaining writer/poet, a master teacher, and a talented fiber artist, all detailed on her website. Currently living in Hutchinson, KS, Ginger will be joining her sons and grandchildren in Seattle sometime this year. 

Ginger Z – Artistry Times Five

Ginger Zyskowski is an artist in every sense of the word, using fiber, poetry, musical compositions, and yes, drumsticks to create works of art at a high level of achievement. Not content to create in isolation, she shares all these talents with others in the Hutchinson, KS area and beyond. Ginger performs with Music Theatre of Wichita, the Wichita Symphony, and the Hutchinson Symphony as well as various gigs throughout the year. Beyond her percussion performances, she is a writer (with a new book recently published), a fiber artist, a composer, and an educator. 

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Probst for Progress


Jason Probst is the State Representative for Kansas District 102 in Hutchinson and proudly speaks for the people who reside there. Most recently, he has worked at The Hutchinson News, covering a span of nearly 15 years, beginning as a production employee on the night shift and eventually becoming a reporter, and later newsroom editor and primary opinion writer. During his time at The News, he steadfastly advocated for the wellbeing of working families who too often struggle to make ends meet. He will continue to stand up for this cause as a legislator in Topeka.

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